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Sub Zero Merino Wool Totally Seamless Thermal Base Layers are knitted using only the finest quality Merino wool yarn from the Spanish mountains. It is exceptionally soft, odour resistant and naturally anti-bacterial

Merino wool is a hydroscopic fibre which means it is capable of absorbing moisture vapour from the environment while at the same time repelling liquids. This produces excellent comfort performance. Merino wool is also the least flammable of fibres, self extinguishing in the event of a fire and chars rather than melts like synthetics.

Both the merino wool base layers and mid layer thermal ranges are manufactured on state of the art Shima Seiki wholegarment SWG-VT knitting machines. These revolutionary machines knit directly entire three-dimension garments without the need for any finishing - no sleeves need attaching, shoulders flat seamed shut, or gussets overlocked. The garment that drops off the machine is ready to be worn. Understandably this is not a quick process but it does produce a totally seamless garment of superior construction.

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