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Sub Zero Factor 2 Thermal Mid Layers have been constantly developed for the past 23 years. Sub Zero have specially developed and manufactured a unique double sided Factor 2 fabric with a harder wearing anti-pill outer surface and a super soft brushed fleece inner.

The two main functions of Factor 2 garments are to transport perspiration away from your skin, or the surface of Factor 1 or Factor 1 Plus base layer garments, to its outer surface to disperse. At the same time the inner brushed fleece surface traps warm air to insulate the body keeping it dry, cosy and a comfortable even temperature. Each fibre is impregnated with a hydrophilic finish that transports moisture away from the skin and disperses it over a large area of the outer layer of the fabric so it can easily evaporate.

A further advantage of the fabric is that it does not compress under pressure. This is essential if it is being worn under a dry suit as your insulating layer stays the same thickness no matter how deep you dive.

Factor 2 thermal mid layer range is regarded as one of the warmest undergarments available on the market today and can be worn on their own or on top of our Factor 1 and Factor 1 Plus thermal underwear base layers when the temperature plummets.

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