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Softshell Jackets ‘Product of the Month’ in Trail Magazine

March 12th, 2014

Softshell Jackets by Sub Zero continue to get rave reviews. The latest appeared in Trail magazine, where contributor Sarah Ryan said:

“I wore this on a two-day Lake District autumn hike – it began sunny(ish), progressed to cloud and by the end there was wind and hail. And I don’t recall ever taking it off.”

“When we made out initial ascent I unzipped the two huge pockets, undid the pit-zips and unstuck the Velcro cuffs, so beginning a consistent and reliable way of adapting the jacket to the needs of the person within and the weather without. In the end, this is all I really needed it to do. I forgot I was wearing it – and isn’t that exactly what you want?”


This review appeared in the January 2014 issue of Trail Magazine.


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